Photo Gallery: Appalachian Trail Activity Challenge

  • Drawing winners: Runners in Action (L to R): Cynthia James, Carolyn McNamara, Jennifer Canepari, Partha Krishnan, Lisa Sarris, Lisa Hines, Leslie Oberempt, Judith Mahoney. Not pictured: Melissa Maniscalco, Anita DeGoosh, Donna Tauss 
  • Drawing winners: VA Team Livin' the Dream (L to R) Lynne Iannone, Donna Cavaliere, Maria Zenoni, Richard Marottoli, M.D. Not pictured: Matthew Brennan, Raeleen Mautner, Julie Bugaj 
  • Drawing Winners: Team YAF (L to R) Back Row: Fran Spadacenta, Tony Violano, Rick Davis, James Barone, Lynn Andrewsen, Rob DeSanto Front Row: Andrea Clinton, Lori DeFrancesco, Katie Darr, Nicole Colomonico, Gloria Caprio 
  • Top performing team: YINS 
  • Drawing winners and runner up top performing team: Team Yale Sustainability (L to R) David Demres, Ryan Laemel, Sarah Jane Compton, Melissa Goodall Not pictured: Elvira Duran, Margaret Chapman, Sheila Dawson, Melissa Shaw, Joseph Mastracchio, Amber Garrard, Sara Smiley Smith  
  • Third runner up top performing team: Team HardCORE (L to R): Bonnie Garmisa, Jen Schwartz, Lori Schroeder, Kelly Strait, Rebecca Sarac, Erica Norton, Maliha Tariq, Madeline Parisi, Liz George, Amena Keshawarz Not pictured: Julia Montague 
  • Top performer: David Demres 
  • Runner up top performer: Linda Silva 
  • Third runner up top performer: Carol Edwards-Coles 
  • Sign for October Mountain Lean-to in Massachusetts (photo by Phil Barello) 
  • October Mountain Lean-to on the Appalachian Trail (photo by Phil Barello) 
  • Phil Barello on the Appalachian Trail 
May 26, 2015

The winning teams and drawing winners of the Appalachian Trail activity challenge. The top 40 teams that walked the farthest were entered into the grand prize drawing and four teams were randomly selected to receive hiking gear from Trailblazer New Haven. 

This year’s winning teams were:

  • Yale Sustainability
  • Runners in Action
  • Livin’ the Dream
  • Team YAF

Team YINS, Yale Sustainability and Team HardCORE earned bragging rights for topping the leader board. Special shout-outs also go to David Demres, Linda Silva and Carol Edwards-Cole for being the top three performers. Read the full story here.