Lifetime Membership

What is lifetime membership?

Lifetime Membership is a valuable benefit that Meetings members can receive when they reach and maintain their weight goal.

You’re awarded Lifetime Membership once you reach the following criteria:

  • You select and achieve a weight goal that is within the Weight Watchers Healthy Weight Ranges (or above Weight Watchers weight ranges if a note from a physician has been provided) and at least five pounds less than your initial start weight.

  • After you reach your weight goal, you must complete the maintenance phase of the plan — remain an active, paid member throughout the next six weeks, weigh in at least twice and be within two pounds (+/-) of your weight goal at the final maintenance weigh-in.

Once you become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member, you are considered a permanent part of the Weight Watchers family! You’ll receive a Lifetime Membership Recognition Award, along with the additional benefits of a complimentary digital subscription and attendance to unlimited meetings (subject to certain regulations. For details, please speak with your Leader).

I am a Lifetime Member who has gained weight back.  Can I return to Weight Watchers as a Lifetime member?

Yes. If you want to return to Meetings membership as a Lifetime Member, simply show proof of Lifetime Membership by bringing your Lifetime Membership book or Lifetime Member number. To join Meetings membership again you will need to register under Yale University’s program and pay the monthly subscription fee, but once you reach your Lifetime Member goal you can begin receiving the benefit again.  

What if I lost my Lifetime Member number?

If you have misplaced your Lifetime Member number and became a Lifetime Member in the area in which you still reside, you can call 866-933-9027. If you have moved out of the area in which you became a Lifetime Member,  ask your meeting leader for a Lifetime Membership Information Request Form. 

What fees apply to Lifetime Members?

Once you become a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member, you never have to pay a registration fee at Weight Watchers again. What’s more, as a Lifetime Member, you are charged a meeting fee only if you are two pounds over your weight goal. In addition, you are not expected to pay a missed meeting fee unless you have not weighed in within a one-month period.