Caring for Ourselves in Challenging Times

For many of us, our definition of work, home and school has changed. We may be working remotely from home, or attending classes online, and for those who are parents of school-age children, we are now part-time teachers as well. Or maybe you are working or attending school on-site and are trying to acclimate to all of the required changes there.

The world around us is changing quickly and at times may seem overwhelming, which, if we are not careful, can lead to feelings of burnout and exhaustion. But there are simple tools and basic practices we can employ to help us navigate these changes and perhaps even grow from them. Join Danielle Casioppo, MS, Education Specialist and certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor with Being Well at Yale, for an exploration of simple daily practices to boost resilience and reduce stress, even in the midst of challenging times.

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Photo credit: Dan Ranzetti