Site Champion Incentive

Become a Weight Watchers Site Champion and help your peers on their journey to the healtiest, happiest version of themselves!  

Site Champion Requirements

  • Help promote Weight Watchers by distributing communication materials we provide you with
  • Help bring a Weight Watchers At Work meeting to your worksite by assisting with the following steps:
    • Gathering names of interested employees to start the At Work Meeting
    • Secure meeting space and storage for weekly meetings
    • Promote the meeting day, time, and location to encourage more members to attend, and communicate with members regularly regarding meeting  information, i.e.  room changes and reminders
  • If there aren’t enough employees interested in attending an At Work meeting at your location, you can still help your peers get started on their WW journey  by promoting OnlinePlus or Community Weight Watchers Meetings using the Communication Materials provided

Site Champion Incentive

Weight Watchers appreciates everything Site Champions do to support our program and our members, so we have a Site Champion Refund Policy as a way to say “Thank You!”

Here’s how it works:

  • Site Champions who have 15 or more co-workers attending a new meeting will receive their Meetings membership FREE for 3 months
  • Once the 3 month period has ended, if the Site Champion has maintained the 15 person minimum attendance at the weekly meeting, they will be given another 3 months of their Meetings membership free of charge
  • This process will continue every 3 months if the Site Champion successfully maintains the 15 person minimum attending the weekly onsite meetings.
  • If the Site Champion cannot accept the Meetings discount, they may pass the discount along to a member who has proven helpful with both the recruiting of paid members and the marketing of  onsite meetings

If you are interested in becoming a Site Champion, please contact