Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts

Pursuant to Yale’s policies and IRS regulations, Weight Watchers may be a reimbursable expense for people who have been advised by their doctor that they are obese and need to lose weight provided certain conditions are met.

For an FSA, you need a statement of medical necessity that 1) states your diagnosis of obesity and an obesity-related disease, such as high blood pressure, that would be improved with weight loss and 2) states the doctor’s recommendation that you lose weight.

You also need a record of your expenses, such as paid invoices, receipts, or your Membership Book that is stamped with your attendance and payments. For reimbursement through an FSA, you must submit a doctor’s letter or medical necessity form provided by the claims payer and proof of payments for treatment with your claim.

For an HSA you do not need to submit any documentation; however, you should save these documents with your tax records in case you are audited by the IRS. You may claim reimbursement for the purchase price MINUS any subsidy you receive from Yale. Go to www.irs.gov to learn more, or ask your tax advisor for guidance. You can also find helpful information at www.obesity.org.