The Mental Health Benefits of Gratitude and Kindness

Event time: 
Tuesday, November 14, 2023 - 12:00pm
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Event description: 

Gratitude and kindness are both important character strengths, but did you know that they are also beneficial for your mental health? Research indicates that purposefully practicing gratitude can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Studies also suggest that more acts of kindness throughout the day contribute to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. And that’s not all, kindness has also been demonstrated as a way to reduce social anxiety. Join Danielle Casioppo, MS, Education Specialist and certified Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice instructor and certified Mental Health First Aid instructor with Being Well at Yale, for an enlightening, evidence-based exploration of practical information and actionable interventions.

Participants will learn:

  • Current research on gratitude and kindness
  • How practicing gratitude and acts of kindness contribute to mental health
  • Various techniques and actionable steps to take for each strength
  • Why these strengths are foundational for fostering connection

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