Healthy Meeting Guidelines

Please review the university’s guidance for events, gatherings, and meetings prior to planning a group activity. 

This quick list of ideas for healthy meeting menu choices was developed in partnership with  The Yale Office of Sustainability, Being Well at Yale, Yale Hospitality and the School of Public Health. For more ideas and to certify your sustainable events, please see the Yale Green Event Certification.

Viva la veggie!

Vegetarian meals are healthier for people and the planet, plus skipping meats usually means you’re catering to more dietary preferences such as vegan and kosher.

Variety is the spice of life

If you are planning recurring meetings, consider shaking up the offerings and giving your team build-your-own ideas , like a salad bar or a vegetarian taco bar.  If serving pizza, order a more sustainable and healthy one with half the cheese and double the veggies.

Brighter breakfast

Protein and produce are beautiful! Instead of muffins or bagels, think eggs, yogurt, and fruit for the morning repast.

Lighter lunches

Why weight your guests down with pizza and pasta when you can energize them with greens and legumes?

Snack sanity

What goes up must come down – the burst of energy from sugar is often followed by a crash. Offering whole foods such as fruits and nuts is a delicious alternative to the standard cookie fare. Did you know that most granola bars have the same sugar content as cookies? Try cheese sticks instead.

Naturally sweet

Water instead of juice, fruit instead of dessert, you get the idea….

Go for good fats!

Seriously. Reduced fat foods actually encourage people to eat more and often contain more sugar than the alternatives. Try for full-fat items, and emphasize healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado when you can.

Make a natural splash

Opt for spa water – water infused with herbs and fruit – instead of sweet drinks.  Juice has nearly the same amount of sugar as soda, and your body will response to artificially sweetened drinks with sugar cravings.

Place the healthy stuff first

People will take the most of the first items they see, so start with salads.  

Share the wealth

Leftovers are often inevitable. Consider bringing take-away containers to reduce food waste.