On Your Own

Weight Management Strategies for Success

Web-based Programs and Phone Apps:

MyPlate Plan (free)

Weight Wathcers (WW) Digital Only Program (fees apply)

MyFitnessPal                Lose It!    (Free)

Top-ranked food and fitness tracking tools to help you reach your weight loss goals. 


Health and fitness tools, including meal plans, recipes and a highly engaged, supportive community.

  Eat Right Now  (3-months of subsidized access for the Yale community)

Improve your relationship with food and strengthen your control over cravings. Contact beingwell@yale.edu to learn more. 

stickK.com  (Free)

Create commitment contracts to set goals and achieve them.

Clinical Research at Yale

  • For a list of current clinical trials, search “weight loss” or “obesity” at yalestudies.org