Two New Tools on the Activity Platform!

June 16, 2015

Don’t take those hiking boots off just yet! Although the Appalachian Trail challenge has come to an end, Being Well at Yale is excited to announce that the activity platform will remain open until the next university-wide challenge kicks off in spring 2016. Along with the standard features like “Last One Standing” and “Quick Challenges,” two brand new tools are available to help keep you motivated and develop new healthy habits along the way! 

Weekly Bonus Challenges are week-long challenges running every Monday to Sunday that anyone registered on the platform can join. Participants can invite other users to join the challenge, no teams are necessary for these challenges since we’re all in it together. There’s a new challenge every week to join with easy yes/no tracking and enrollment starts seven days before each challenge begins and closes when the challenge ends. Participants have 48 hours after each challenge ends to report their progress.     

Healthy Habits is an individual-based program that focuses on individual health goals like, eating more fruits and vegetables, increasing physical activity, quitting smoking, and reducing stress. Choose your level, set a goal, and select activities to help you get there! Healthy Habits will help you succeed on your own schedule. Read on for more information or log in now at to join Weekly Bonus Challenges and/or Healthy Habits!

Bonus Challenges Summary of Features:

  • Week-long challenges, running every Monday to Sunday,
  • Can click to join in banner or sidebar
  • New challenge every week with ‘yes/no’ tracking
  • No teams, everyone is ‘in it together’
  • Participants boost engagement by inviting users in their network to join the challenge
  • Chat component open to comments from all users in the challenge 
  • Standings show all participants, their location (if available), and their number of completions
  • Ability to join the next week’s challenge straight from the sidebar
  • Enrollment starts 7 days before the challenge begins and ends when the challenge ends
  • Users have 48 hours after the challenge ends to report their progress

Healthy Habits FAQ:

Why should I join Healthy Habits?

Healthy Habits is an approachable, fun way for you to improve your quality of life with more exercise, a better diet, or stress management techniques. We could all use some help in these areas! You may also involve your Supporters as you progress through Healthy Habits, sharing tips and offering encouragement to one another.

Who can join?

Healthy Habits is available to all registered users on the platform, and there is no cost to participate.

How do I get started?

Join Healthy Habits by clicking the “Get Started” button on the homepage banner or by clicking “More” at the top of your screen. Then select which program you’d like to do. You can do as many as you like! Finally, choose which level you’d like to start with.

What is the Step By Step level?

If you’re new to exercise, healthy eating, or stress management, the Step By Step level will begin with the basics. This level is ideal for beginners or those who prefer a slower pace. You will learn new healthy activities to try out and you’ll be guided through appropriate goal setting.

What is the Off To The Races level?

Off To The Races level is meant for those who have experience with exercise, healthy eating, or stress management. This level goes at a slightly faster pace and assumes you have some background in your chosen healthy habit. You will also set more ambitious goals in this level.

Log in today at to join Weekly Bonus Challenges and/or Healthy Habits!