Rise and Shine! Mindful Movement in the Morning

Begin your day with the gifts of movement, breath and balance. Join Danielle Casioppo, MS, CYT, Education Specialist/Coordinator, Certified Yoga Teacher, for an energizing 45 minute wellness session which focuses on gentle stretching, basic seated and standing yoga postures and yogic breathing practices to increase vitality and joy while balancing the body and mind.

Rise and Shine is offered live via Zoom Tuesdays and Fridays, 7:15 - 8:00 AM ET.


  • Tuesdays - a mix of seated and standing stretches and postures, chair-assisted.
  • Fridays are basic floor stretches and postures using a mat (chair may be optional).

Please click day above for specific dates and how to join.

Recorded sessions (2020 - 21) are available to Yale faculty and staff through Box. Recorded 2022 sessions are available only to class members.


For more information, contact danielle.casioppo@yale.edu.

Thank you so much for the RAS sessions. They’ve become a vital part of being able to create new structure for my week, and they’ve been great for my body and mind, too.”