Mental Health First Aid training

Identify. Understand. Respond.

Mental Health First Aid is an international skills-based training course that teaches participants about mental illness and substance-misuse and how to help or support someone experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge or crisis. The goal is to make Mental Health First Aid as common as CPR, reducing stigma while emphasizing hope and recovery.
MHFA uses a structured curriculum with a total of eight training hours.  It begins with a required two-hour asynchronous online interactive video. Participants must  complete the video training and quiz prior to the instructor-led training.
The instructor-led training is offered in two 3.25 hour sessions either virtually via Zoom or in-person. The instructor-led part of the course is very interactive whether on Zoom or in-person.
These courses are open to Yale faculty, students, staff, postdoc associates and fellows only.  Each course is open to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 participants.  For individual Yale faculty or staff members looking to join an open course, please check the calendar
For courses open to the public, please refer to the MHFA webiste.
The cost per participant is currently $23.95. For blended in-person training, there may be additional fees which are not included, depending on location. If the course is done through Being Well at Yale there is no additional instructor fee and the cost of the manuals (for in-person only) is covered.
For Yale departments and groups, the cost may be subsidized by Being Well at Yale at rate of one course per fiscal year. Beyond that, a department or group must provide funding for additional courses through a COA transfer. 
Please plan at least two months in advance to allow ample time for scheduling, planning, roster submission and participant pre-course work completion. For more information or to inquire about scheduling, please contact certified Mental Health First Aid instructor, Danielle Casioppo, at
If a department or group is interested in learning more about MHFA, a one-hour How to Help: Tips from Mental Health First Aid session can be scheduled by request or register for an upcoming session on the calendar.

What Yale participants are saying about virtual Mental Health First Aid:

  • “I am now more confident in talking to those in distress and also realized the importance of self-care.”
  • “The training was very interesting and useful, especially for someone like myself with absolutely no other relevant background. I’m very happy I attended and it was time well spent.”
  • “I’m so glad to be a Mental Health First Aider and hope I can help others in the future.”
  • “I was able to use my MHFA knowledge to help a friend in crisis and get him into a rehabilitation program.”