Level Up challenge employee experience

[Our team] is still having a lot of fun with this [challenge] and I have actually started walking over 10,500 steps a day (and that’s up from only 4500-5000 steps the first week…(which was killer then, but nothing at all to do now)!!! I even purchased a treadmill. The team is still motivated! Mentally and physically, I do feel better! Also, having the pedometer is a constant reminder to kept moving. My husband has even started walking around with a pedometer to challenge me to take more steps because I refuse to let him beat me!

- Shawna Rodriguez, Research Assistant, Department of Neurobiology

Thanks to the “Ready, Set, Go” and “Level Up” challenges this year, I’ve managed to lose 15 stubborn pounds since May!

-Phil Barello, Applications Support Specialist, ITS Service Desk