Tips & Techniques for Increasing Joy, Flow & Resilience

Over the last two decades, there has been a movement within the field of Psychology to encourage and support the scientific study of the age old question, ‘what makes life worth living?’ This movement is called Positive Psychology and within it, many sub-fields of psychological study are represented, including but not limited to, Social, Organizational, and Cognitive Psychology. Through empirical study great insight has been made into one of the deepest questions of humanity, ‘how to live life well’. Positive Psychology has revealed that there are evidence-based practices, tools, and techniques which we can use in our daily lives to help us live life well by increasing joy, flow, and resilience - making our lives not only worth living, but flourishing! 

Danielle Casioppo, MS, CAPP, Health Educator for Being Well at Yale, presents this informative and experiential workshop you won’t soon forget!

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