Mindfulness, Character Strengths & Engagement: Three Keys to Unlock Your Best

Experience how mindfulness, character strengths and engagement – three well-researched domains - can help you feel better, think better and interact with others better! In this experiential workshop, participants will learn about and experience some of the evidence-based  benefits of practicing mindfulness as well as the importance of recognizing and utilizing character strengths and how these are vital to engagement and why that matters. These easy-to-use techniques harness the power of growth-mindset and can increase feelings of contentment, focus, and wellbeing for both individuals and groups – don’t just survive, thrive! 

Danielle Casioppo, MS, MBSP-CC, education specialist and coordinator with Being Well at Yale, presents an informative and interactive workshop you won’t soon forget! 

“A great presentation…we heard some really good feedback from [our] team. I’m confident that different aspects resonated with different team members, and that everyone took something away. Thank you.” Michael Felberbaum, Director, Advancement Systems, Yale University, Alumni Affairs and Development

To request this program or a workshop tailored for your department’s specific needs, please contact beingwell@yale.edu or call 436-8270.